8 steps to founding a GmbH

Steps to found a GmbH

  1. One or more founders (natural or legal persons) are required to found a GmbH. You determine the company name, the share capital, the type of payment, who will take over the management, etc.
  2. The company founder (s) clarify with the commercial register whether the chosen company name is permissible.
  3. The company founder (s) draw up the company's articles of association and the deed of incorporation.
  4. The company founder (s) open a capital payment account at the bank for the cash payment of the share capital. After the amount has been paid in, the bank issues a capital payment confirmation. In the case of contributions in kind, a special contribution in kind contract must be concluded.
  5. On the occasion of the founding meeting, the notary creates the public deed of the founding act. The shareholders determine the managing directors and the type of their subscription and determine the seat of the company.
  6. After the founding meeting, the company founder (s) register the company with the responsible commercial register office. With the entry, the GmbH acquires its legal personality.
  7. After the company has been published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce or after an extract from the commercial register is available, the authorized signatories can dispose of the paid-in capital on the share capital account at the bank.
  8. Start of business activity.