Tax return checklist

Personal Information

 exact date of birth (also of spouse)
 marital status
 Denomination (also of spouse)
 Job titles / sideline (also from spouse)
 employer (also of spouse)
 AHV number (also from spouse)
 Children they care for (first name, school, year of birth)
 Other people in need of assistance


 All original tax return forms
 Copy of the tax return for the previous year (with all attachments)
 Copies of the tax administration's assessment rulings from the previous year

Earned income

 All wage statements also for part-time and part-time employment (both spouses)
 also through additional income such as school maintenance allowance, government agency work, fire brigade
 for the self-employed: list of assets
 Any daily and meeting allowances, board fees, natural wages, tips

Replacement income

 AHV, IV, pension fund pension certificates (copy of a payment receipt)
 Orphan's Pension Certificates
 Daily allowance certificates (unemployment insurance, health and accident insurance)
 Alimony received, paid (receipts of payment, divorce convention)

remaining income

 Lump-sum payments (pension fund, insurance), payment receipt, reason for payment
 significant participation in companies, associations of persons
 benefits not declared by the employer on the wage statement (apartments
 Unpaid career breaks with reason given
 Income from undistributed inheritance as shown separately
 further income

other factual and personal deductions

 Membership fees and contributions to political parties
 Receipts for payments to those in need of assistance
 Receipts for medical expenses including medication (health insurance certificate) and
Dental bills, unless covered by health insurance and 5% des
exceed taxable income
 Receipts for donations
 Proof of payment of childcare costs


 other assets (cash, precious metals, precious stones, etc.)
 Undistributed inheritance (statements, tax inventory)
 Donations or inheritances (tax inventory)
 lottery winnings

List of securities

 all bank / postal account and deposit statements at the end of the year (also from interim
balanced accounts / custody accounts) savings books (copies) with interest supplements (also from
accounts netted in the meantime)
 any repayment or purchase / sale statements for securities
 Dividend distributions / interest statements on stocks and bonds or
Bank tax register
 Information on employee options and employee shares (if not on
Salary statement visible)
 Settlement of asset management costs
 real estate
 Imputed rental value / property tax value
 List of rental income (tenant index)
 Invoices / receipts for maintenance, operating and administrative costs
 Condominium statements
 Participation in real estate companies


 Debt at the end of the year with proof of interest (mortgages, credits, loans,
Credit cards), amortization receipts

Extraction costs - professional expenses

 Travel costs to the workplace (train, bus, bike, car, etc.)
 External catering (restaurant, canteen)
 Any professional costs with receipts and other information
 training costs


 Certificates for the tied self-provision pillar 3a
 Certificates of purchase services in pillar 2
 Surrender value certificates from life and pension insurances
 Information on life insurance (year of conclusion, year of expiry, sum insured,
Annual premium)
 Receipts of premium reductions for health insurance premiums and
Health insurance bills
 Information on health insurance premiums paid for the past year