Liquidity - the oxygen of your company

Do you have your finances under control?

Those who have an overview of their finances gain perspectives and options for action.
Finances are vital: they are the means to keep bills off
and they reflect the development of your company. Neglect to familiarize yourself with that
Grappling with finances runs the risk of losing the big picture and
Not recognizing signs of crises in time.

Finances are a matter for the boss.

As an entrepreneur, you know your business. You know when your customers pay and when
Phases of more or less sales are to be expected. Take your financial planning into that yourself
Hand and let your experiences flow. This is how you get an overview and can use
React to crisis situations immediately. Get outside support. However, give that
Never leave management of your finances entirely to others.

Liquidity is the oxygen of your company.

If you are liquid (the term comes from the Latin "liquidus" and means liquid), are
You will be able to pay all outstanding invoices on time.
Liquidity is more important than expected future profits. Who today meets his payment obligations
cannot comply with bankruptcy soon. In the worst case, they can help
best future prospects nothing. So lack of liquidity can ruin the very existence of your business
endanger. Liquidity planning is the most important tool in the fast moving times
To have finances under control.
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