The money under control

Finances are a matter for the boss

Finances are vital in two ways. Because they don't just provide that
Means to pay bills on an ongoing basis. But they also reflect that
Develop your business again. Neglect the argument
With your finances, there is a risk of losing sight of the bigger picture and
Not recognizing signs of a crisis in time.
It is advisable to get outside support. However, you should
Never completely give up management of your finances. The saying “My trustee
actually did it all "is a fallacy. Because often only numbers from the
As an entrepreneur, you know your business best: you know when your customers are
pay or when more or less sales can be expected. So you should get your
Take financial planning into your own hands and incorporate your experiences. So
get orientation and options for action.

To be liquid means to survive

Liquidity planning is the most important task of an entrepreneur in today
fast-paced business world. When profitability, profit and profitability are the food
For a business, liquidity is the oxygen. Liquidity is more important than
future profits. Because those who fail to meet their payment obligations today
can, he might run out of breath tomorrow.
The word comes from the Latin: "liquidus" - liquid. Only those who are liquid have access
Have sufficient funds (e.g. cash, bank account) to meet all due bills
Pay on time and prevent bankruptcy.

Tackle problems immediately

Financial management is not a high science. Every entrepreneur can take part
Get a grip on your finances yourself with a manageable effort. It's important, that
Don't bury your head in the sand, but tackle problems immediately. Procure
First, get an overview of your own situation and make an initial one
Planning on. With just a few tools and a little time, you will get it
valuable results.

Calculate prices

The entire spectrum of financial construction sites in the company is about the topic
Liquidity addition. Even with active liquidity planning, bottlenecks are not
locked out. Therefore, the other financial areas should not be disregarded either
be left. How exactly did the bottleneck arise? Got your prices wrong
calculated? Are you unable to cover your costs in the long term? Or is it simply because
that you do not have an eye on your liabilities - and on important payment dates
are not prepared?